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[Jan 12, 2012] 2 new style guides

I added two new guides that were, again, kindly donated by Justine! One of them is from a personal picture and the other, from a photoshoot picture.

[Jan 6, 2012] Grand opening

Hi and welcome to Alyssa Bernal Web's new style section! We currently have 2 hair guides, 2 makeup guides (that were donated by Justine) and 4 style guides and more are coming soon! You can also donate guides or request some. We have also added the beauty videos that Alyssa posted on her second channel to their right sections. This network is really simple, nothing too fancy, and we won't expand to an entire new site, but we hope you still enjoy it. You can also donate some pictures of you wearing the same clothes as Alyssa and we'll put them in the "I've dressed like Alyssa" page. Check around and tell us what you think!