Covering “The One That Got Away”
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Alyssa posted a video of her covering Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away and sounds absolutely amazing! Also, don’t forget to get yourself Alyssa’s first album, Love Hangover which is available on iTunes!

“Top Ten With Alyssa Bernal”
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Contest Corner did a small interview with Lyss asking her ten questions. It’s really interesting even if it’s really short, check it out!

Welcome to Top Ten With…, a fun Q&A session where you’ll get to learn all about the music scene’s hottest artists! Today’s featured musician is singer-songwriter Alyssa Bernal, who got her start back in 2006 by uploading cover songs to YouTube. Her channel is currently one of the top 30 most subscribed-to out of all musicians on YouTube, and now she’s preparing to release her debut album, Love Hangover, on November 15th. Get to know this YouTube star through our exclusive interview!
Top Ten With Alyssa Bernal

I’m inspired by: The other talented musicians I’ve met through YouTube.
I realized I wanted to play music when: I realized that I influence others.
Four songs you might find on my iPod: Anti Matter – N*E*R*D, Closer – Corinne Bailey Rae, Be Here Now – Ray LaMontagne, and Haunted – Taylor Swift.
One word I would use to describe myself: Humble
The best part of being a musician is: Performing and connecting with the audience.
Right now, I’m most excited about: This show I’m performing at tonight.
Something most people don’t know about me is: I was a competitive cheerleader for many years.
One of my happiest moments was: When Pharrell introduced me at his concert in Austin TX in front of thousands of people.
My music is: Groovy!
In ten years, I see myself: Settled in LA.

New performance!
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According to YoFresh Yogurt Cafe’s Twitter, Alyssa will be performing on November 17th at 6 PM at the grand opening of YoFresh Stone Oak.

Also, remember that tomorrow, November 15th, 2011 is the release of Alyssa’s first album, Love Hangover, which I’m so excited about. I don’t have any iTunes card nor a credit card, so I can’t buy it right now, but I’m seriously hoping to get it anytime soon. Also, I won’t have time to update about it tomorrow night, but I hope that those of you who’ll buy it will really enjoy it!

New videos
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Alyssa has covered Bruno Mars’ It Will Rain and sounds amazing! She also posted a personal video called “The Chicas – “Oohh Sherry”". It’s really random and we can’t see much, but she looks like she’s having a great time with her friends!

Chosen as celebrity site of Nov. 9th
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I have been so busy this week that I forgot to tell you something about the site. Actually, I’m very happy to announce that Alyssa Bernal Web has been chosen as the celebrity site of the day on November 9th. I’m very proud of this title and I don’t think I’d keep up with this site for so long if it wasn’t for the great feedback and views I get. So thank you, visitors!

Each day a Celebrity Site of the Day is chosen. Not every site can become Celebrity Site of the Day. A site must have something special, for example a good layout, good design, excellent graphics or lots of information to become Celebrity Site of the Day. The selection of
your site as Celebrity Site of the Day shows that you have an excellent site worthy of the award “Celebrity Site of the Day”.

Screencaptures added!
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I have added screencaptures from the AlyssaBernalVEVO channel. There are only three albums, but I’ll be doing all her videos gradually, going from that channel, to Soaking up the Sun, alyssabernalala and her main channel, one year at the time. I hope you enjoy them!

Home > Screencaptures > Youtube videos (AlyssaBernalVEVO) > Alyssa Bernal – A Little About Alyssa

Home > Screencaptures > Youtube videos (AlyssaBernalVEVO) > Alyssa Bernal – Behind The Scenes of the Photoshoot

Home > Screencaptures > Youtube videos (AlyssaBernalVEVO) > Alyssa Bernal – Cali, Cali, Cali, (Behind The Scenes)

Love Hangover cover art + official tracklist
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We are proud to be the first site to show you Alyssa’s album, Love Hangover, which will be available on November 15th, cover art and tracklist. Alyssa looks stunning on the cover (and I can’t wait for more pictures! and you can also listen to snippets of the new songs, which sound absolutely amazing!

1. Soaking Up The Sun – 3:12
2. Cali, Cali, Cali – 3:42
3. Easy – 3:20
4. One Of Us Gotta Leave – 3:56
5. Stay – 3:20
6. Raincloud Grey – 3:18
7. Hey Love – 3:48
8. Everybody Knows Jason – 3:31
9. Hold Me Tight – 4:00
10. Sugar Sweet – 2:32
11. The Boy – 3:23

“Alyssa Bernal Does Not Need Imagination For A Love Hangover”
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It has already been five years that Alyssa Bernal started to post her own videos on YouTube and got signed by NERD’s Pharrell Williams. Last year she announced her debut album to be titled ‘In Love Again For The First Time’ but strangely enough never was released. Thankfully this time it is finally happening on November 15th with the release of her debut album ‘Love Hangover’ which include her current single ‘Soaking Up The Sun’.

To celebrate this fact she is offering her song ‘Imagination’ for free and a tweet on her website. After all this time I guess it is worth it so what are you waiting for?

Love Hangover was recorded in London with the help of Martin Terefe, and features current single “Soaking Up The Sun.” In the video below she announces her debut album and after a few minutes she will cover Rihanna’s hit-single ‘We Found Love’.

Alyssa Bernal biography
For Alyssa, music comes about as naturally as breathing. The singer/songwriter was raised in a music-steeped household in San Antonio, Texas. During her childhood, Alyssa’s father was the drummer for groundbreaking Tejano band, and at the age of six she stood backstage and gazed out at stadium-sized crowds as he performed. The experience didn’t exactly ignite her passion for performing, though. “I was so shy!” Remembers Alyssa with a laugh, “my parents would dress me up and make me sing but I hated it.”

Somehow, her love of music overcame her fear of performing. By the time she was a teen in San Antonio, Alyssa uploaded a few homemade videos of herself singing cover songs like Rihanna’s “Take a Bow.” She taught herself to play guitar, and soon one video lead to dozens, and a rapidly-growing fan base around the globe. “People would message me and say that they had a horrible day and my songs changed their day,” Alyssa recalls. “It’s pretty touching. After a while I had to stop reading all of my messages because it got so overwhelming, but I always tried to open the ones from soldiers in the service.”

Next thing she knew, Alyssa and her mother had relocated to London, where she worked closely with Terefe over a period of seven weeks. Terefe developed Alyssa’s naturally sunny sound, enlivening her pop sensibility with notes of funk and soul. Most importantly, he encouraged Alyssa to write from her own experiences.

“The songs reflect what I was going through at that time,” says Alyssa of the resulting album, In Love Again For the First Time. “Because it’s my first album, the songs are very naïve and personal. They are about long-distance love, missing home, and the tone is very easy-going.” Alyssa has a natural ability to breathe vivid imagery into everyday matters of the heart. Her first experience of homesickness became “Raincloud Gray,” a collaboration with Grammy Award-winning artist and songwriter KT Tunstall. “One Of Us,” featuring Pharrell, is a sassy, danceable track dedicated to a young crush. “Stay” is an atmospheric ballad that plays like a love letter to her long-distance boyfriend. “Hold Me Tight,” a duet with Jason Wade of LifeHouse, is a moody, orchestral song.

From the shy girl who watched her father perform from the wings, to the confident young woman about to release an incredibly personal collection of songs to the world, Alyssa has come a long way. When she looks forward to the coming year, she can’t wait to step out on stage. “I’m really growing as a person and an artist,” says Alyssa. “I have a shy personality but when I’m performing, I calm down… I’m excited to tour and to interact with my fans. They’re always asking me, ‘When are you going to come to London or Paris?’ and I can’t wait to do that for them.” Though it’s been an incredible, globe-hopping year that has brought In Love Again For the First Time to life, Alyssa Bernal’s journey is just getting started.

“Love Hangover” by Alyssa Bernal – release date: 11/15/11.


Reminder of Love Hangover release!
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Alyssa posted a new video and apparently deleted the old one. She tells us about Love Hangover’s release, on November 15th, and the free download of Imagination, which by the way, is fantastic! It’s different, but still totally Alyssa-y! Make sure to get it!

Listen to “Imagination”
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Click here to listen to Alyssa’s new free song, Imagination. It is not on her album, “Love Hangover”, but it is nonetheless amazing! I received it yesterday and it’s stuck in my head! You’ve got to download it on her official site now!

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