November 29th, 2011
Three hacked videos
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I found three videos of Alyssa covering songs, which are “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, “Mine”, by Taylor Swift and a more raw version of “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. However, those videos aren’t official and have probably been hacked. They look pretty recent (like, this year), but as a matter of respect, I don’t want to post them on the main site. If you want to listen to them (which sound amazing anyway), you can go here.


November 28th, 2011
Lost her Youtube… again
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Alyssa’s Youtube has been terminated, for a second time. Has it been hacked again? Honestly, it makes me mad. She has been known through Youtube, and without it, we wouldn’t have her. So, for us, fans of Alyssa, it’s truly some bad news. She also said on her Tumblr, “Forget YT”. I hope that whether she has her channel or not, she’ll still continue sharing music and videos of her singing. And I’ll never stop supporting her either.

On a brighter note, for those who haven’t bought her album, Love Hangover, you can listen to this album preview a fan made. Also, I’m currently searching for someone who has bought the album and could donate the digital booklet so I could add the pictures to the gallery.


November 27th, 2011
“Stay” acoustic performance
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Performing an acoustic version of Stay for you guys. Personally, my favorite song from the album : ) This was my first cowrite of the album so it has great meaning! It’s based on a book too : ) Dont forget to grab your copy of Love Hangover!

Alyssa posted a new video of her and Lyle performing an acoustic version of “Stay”, which is her favorite track of the album (and also mine). Can we hope for a third single? Enjoy!


November 26th, 2011
New photos and some news…
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I have added a few personal pictures and a photoshoot pic. Also, for those who live near San Antonio, don’t miss tomorrow’s show, where Alyssa is opening for Ready Revolution, that’s a band that includes Shane and Diego, from her “Pumped Up Kicks” cover. Many are talking about it on Twitter, so I bet it’s gonna be fantastic.

Next, some relationship alert! Apparently, Alyssa is kind of dating someone. On her Tumblr, she tells:

Lot’s has been happening. I think I’m dating someone… I don’t want a relationship but gaahhh he’s suchhh a nice guy; and ambitious! And he’s an actor. He came out on The Walking Dead and he just got casted in a new movie with Paul Walker and Mila Kunis…as a leading roll (sic)!!! lol so idk. I’m pretty confused. Unexpected feelings… everywhere.

We draw to conclusions that the guy is Anthony Guajardo, who says, “I used to hang with Sharkboy but more recently I battled rednecks and zombies with the Vatos on The Walking Dead.” Plus, he recently exchanged some Tweets with Lyss and posted some pictures (which are in the gallery) that look adorable! I’m honestly really happy for her and I hope he’s far from what she’s been through. Tell us what you think about her new relationship!

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November 24th, 2011
“Pumped Up Kicks” cover
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Alyssa’s cover of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” is now back! Many of you have probably seen it already, but it was taken down when her Youtube got hacked. Check it out!


November 22nd, 2011
New and old random videos
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I wandered around Youtube and found a few interesting videos that I wanted to show you. First, an interview that Lyss posted with Pharrell with old footage of performances, cover videos, music videos… They talk about what they thought about each other, “Love Hangover”, “Soaking up the Sun” and more. Second, an video interview with Remember this post? Well, here’s the video that was supposed to go with it. And finally, two cover videos. One of them is “Someone Like You” by Adele, with her good friend Emily Yanez. The other one is a live version of “How To Love” by Lil Wayne from her show at Sam’s Burger Joint, last October. Enjoy them!

By the way, Alyssa’s Youtube is back. It has been hacked, but I guess everything’s fine now (except that the “Pumped Up Kicks” video has been removed…)


November 18th, 2011
“Price Tag” cover
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On her second channel, Alyssa posted an awesome audio file of her covering Jessie J’s single, Price Tag. I would have liked a video too, but I guess she didn’t feel like it… Anyway, enjoy as much as I did!


November 18th, 2011
New pictures and icons added
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I have added a few pictures, including personal ones, Twitter pictures and some photoshoot updates. Also, I’ve uploaded more than 40 icons of personal pictures and photoshoots. Enjoy them all!

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November 17th, 2011
Lots of news!
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I have a lot of news for you today. First, for those are aren’t from the United States and wanted to buy Alyssa’s album, Love Hangover, you can do it on her official website.

Second, Friday, there will be a release party for the album at Klusoz, so for those you can, don’t miss it!

Third, you can now choose for your favorite picture to be her next official Facebook picture between two gorgeous pictures. The first one is already in the gallery, and I’ll be looking for the second one (personally, I think it’s maybe a photo from her shoot with Emily Yanez, but I’m not sure). You can click below to get to the Facebook page to do so.

Fourth, and finally, Ryan Seacrest (okay, one of his authors) talked about Alyssa’s cover of “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars, calling it “dreamy”. Read it below!

Bruno Mars’ ‘It Will Rain’ Gets A Dreamy Makeover From YouTube Starlet Alyssa Bernal [VIDEO]

Twilight’s Breaking Dawn- Part 1 fever is in full effect this week onto YouTube. The movie’s signature song, Bruno Mars’, It Will Rain, is the song to cover. YouTube starlet, Alyssa Bernal, lends her vocals in an acoustic version for the smash hit!

Alyssa, who is signed to Pharrell Williams‘ music label (Star Trak), has been covering the hottest tracks for over four years. The YouTube veteran has over 500,000 subscribers and her guitar covers have reached over a million views.

The singer/songwriter doesn’t disappoint her fans with this Bruno cover. The part that gets us every time is when she starts singing the “woooo.” If you close your eyes, you can picture Edward and Bella dancing in the forest. Okay, maybe that’s just us.


November 17th, 2011
“Alyssa Bernal’s ‘Love Hangover’ is a Potential Hit Train”
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Here’s another album review from Jason Tanmore of Zoiks! Okline.

Alyssa Bernal brings an old school R&B sound with a current pop melody on her debut album, “Love Hangover.” The album, which drops Tuesday, November 15, 2011, combines the vocal opulence of Brandy and Monica.

Like the two 90s R&B divas, Bernal shows a great maturity in her voice well beyond her years. Not too long ago, the young artist was in high school when producer Pharrell Williams saw her videos on YouTube.

Her musicianship at such a young age impressed Williams to a point he signed her to his label. Since being discovered, the “Cali Cali Cali,” singer has toured with Lifehouse and has gained a wealth of experience in the industry. “Love Hangover” is the beneficiary of that experience. The album consists of 12 well produced tracks that reinforce Williams’ decision to take her under his wing.

“Soaking Up the Sun” and “Hold Me Tight,” a duet with Lifehouse front man Jason Wade, lead the potential hit train with the aforementioned “Cali Cali Cali” starting the ride as the album’s first single.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my favorite song on “Love Hangover” is “Everyone Knows Jason.” The song indicates Bernal’s quest to gain “Jason’s” attention by possibly losing weight or changing her hair. Of course, “Jason” in this case is not me but advice to Bernal, you look just fine.

Alyssa Bernal is a rising star and “Love Hangover” is just the beginning of her promising career. If you’re a fan of pop music with a hint of R&B, this album may be for you.


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