Dramatic Alyssa
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Alyssa posted this 6-second video of a hilarious dramatic face she made at the Aftermath screening. Check it out!

At the San Antonio 48hr Film Experience
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Alyssa attended Aftermath‘s screening at San Antonio 48hr Film Experience on December 6th with the cast and crew, Anthony Guajardo, Claudia Martinez, Rod Guajardo and more. She looked really sweet with her beret, but toughened it up with a leather jacket over her flowy, silky white top.

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New photoshoot pictures
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I added 9 new photoshoot pictures by Emily Yanez, for Alyssa’s “Love Hangover” album and promotion. Some of them are in the digital booklet, but some are totally new. They all look amazingly gorgeous and are pretty large. I have also added 11 new icons using those pictures to the photoshoots category. Enjoy!

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The two pictures that I showed you previously are stills from a short film in which Alyssa starred. It’s a movie that was made for the “San Antonio 48hr Experience”, directed by Rod Guajardo from Four Sandy Feet. Lyss co-stars with boyfriend Anthony, Claudia Martinez, Brant Bumper and more. The film, called Aftermath, is about a group of young people searching for water in a dangerous cave during a period of drought. Alyssa looks beautiful in it and hopefully, she’ll be able to play in other movies as well. With the release of this short, I added the behind the scenes pictures, screencaptures, stills and some icons. Enjoy!

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Two stills from an upcoming project!
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Anthony Guajardo, Alyssa’s “boyfriend” posted these two pictures of an upcoming project of theirs. Is it for “The Perfect Gift”? It doesn’t look so Christmas-y, so I don’t know. It gets me excited for whatever’s up for Lyss!

By the way, good news: the acoustic version of “Stay” is back up!

The Perfect Gift
Posted on December 4, 2011 • Filed in Music, News/Rumors

You can now listen to “The Perfect Gift” on Youtube! Also, Alyssa and AJ are shooting a music video for it, so hopefully, it’ll be online before Christmas. Can’t wait for it!

Download “The Perfect Gift”
Posted on December 2, 2011 • Filed in Fans, Media, Music

You can now download The Perfect Gift by AJ Hernz and Alyssa for free on AJ’s official website. It sounds beautiful and it makes me want more from Lyss. It truly is the perfect Christmas gift from Alyssa to us.

Also, a few announcements: First, Alyssa’s Youtube is back, but her “Stay” video is not. Hopefully, she’ll be able to put it up again, to continue posting videos and to not get banned a third time (we’re seriously sick of it). And second, since we’re now officially in December, I want to let you know that I want to make the first birthday project ever for Alyssa’s 22nd birthday (on December 21st). If you want to participate, visit this network, but don’t tell Alyssa! I’ll try to get her to see it when the time comes.

“Love Hangover” digital booklet pictures added
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I added Alyssa’s album, “Love Hangover”, digital booklet high quality pictures to the gallery, thanks to this lovely fan. I couldn’t be more thankful to people who take the time to donate things to the site. Anyway, the pictures look absolutely gorgeous, out of this world. The pictures have been taken by both Tarek Vaughters-Haywood and Emily Yanez. Check them out, they are definitely worth it!

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Releasing Christmas song
Posted on December 1, 2011 • Filed in News/Rumors

Alyssa will be on The Beat 98.5 tomorrow night, at 8 pm to release a Christmas song she wrote with her friend AJ Hernz. You will be able to listen to their interview and performance (hopefully) here. I certainly hope that it will be out soon on the Internet too. Keep checking back for more!

I will be on The Beat 98.5 tomorrow December 1st @ 8pm with @officialajhernz with an interview and release of our new Christmas song, so go check it out! It will be streaming live @ http://www.thebeatsa.com

Three hacked videos
Posted on November 29, 2011 • Filed in Videos

I found three videos of Alyssa covering songs, which are “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, “Mine”, by Taylor Swift and a more raw version of “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. However, those videos aren’t official and have probably been hacked. They look pretty recent (like, this year), but as a matter of respect, I don’t want to post them on the main site. If you want to listen to them (which sound amazing anyway), you can go here.

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