Old cover videos
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I found these old covers that Alyssa did, but doesn’t have on her channel. They’re “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer and “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry. It’s much more raw and natural than what she’s giving us now, but that’s how we discovered her. Hear them out!

One year anniversary for Alyssa Bernal Web
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I didn’t want to write this in the last post, since it was only about Alyssa’s birthday, but now I also want to tell you that Alyssa Bernal Web has been running for a whole year now! Honestly, I never believed I could stay that long. I’ve been busy and busier, but I always managed to update on Alyssa. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to last another one, since I’ll be going to college next year, but I hope an awesome fan can take over.

This year has been amazing. The site has been quite popular and Alyssa even saw it! I want to thank our host for the chance he gave us, Lyss for continuously inspiring us and the fans and visitors for making this happen and encouraging me to continue! Thank you for everything!

Happy 22nd birthday Alyssa!
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I want to wish a happy 22nd birthday to our dear Alyssa! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to post this yesterday, on her birthday, since I was at school and at our Christmas party and I’ve been busy all week, but I really want to celebrate this today! Also, the birthday project kinda failed, since I received only one video, but I guess next year will be bigger and better. It’s from Ana, 17, from Spain. I also wrote a small message for her.

Hi Alyssa! I’m your biggest fan from Canada and I want to wish you a happy 22nd birthday! I have supported you since your first videos and will always do, whether it’s with or without this fansite. Your music really brings sunlight to my life when I need some. I also want to thank you for visiting this site from time to timeand giving us shoutouts on Twitter. I want to wish you the best in your career, since you just released “Love Hangover” (which, by the way, is amazing!), but also in your personal life. Enjoy your special day, which is also one of mine since it was the opening of the site on your last birthday! Take care and keep following your dreams!
- Rossi (16), Canada

Alyssa has grown so much since last year, has released her EP, her debut album and even starred in a short movie! She’s matured and I wish her the best for the following year. I hope there will be other amazing projects waiting for her along the way!

The “Alyssa Bernal Project”?
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So I found a Facebook page named the Alyssa Bernal Project and want to know more. It looks like it’s for a San Antonio Documentary that will be shot next January 21, or something like that. Will it be about Alyssa’s rise to fame? Do you understand or know what this is?

This page was created for The FP Crew and Cast for information on the shoot. We are so excited to see all our extras at Alyssa’s concert Jan. 21st. More information on the shoot is still being updated. Please visit this page and leave comments on any questions you may have. Also please “Like” the page so we can get a head count on who’s coming to the shoot. If you are bringing friends or family pl…ease send this page to them to “like” as well. A strict number amount of people at the venue is strictly enforced we need an exact number, please “like the page” or email me with a confirmed number with names at Fraticellipro@aol.com

Also, below’s a vlog by OhhJimmyBoy (not sure who it is…) featuring Alyssa during her album release party.

New pictures addition
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I have added over 15 new and old pictures of Alyssa, including personal pictures, one picture from a concert and some behind the scenes. Enjoy!

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Home > Miscellaneous > Personal pictures > With other celebrities and friends

Home > Music > Behind the scenes of Edge of Glory cover

Home > Music > Behind the scenes of Soaking up the Sun acoustic video

Home > Shows > 2011 > [11.26.2011] At Jack’s Bar with Ready Revolution

The Perfect Gift
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Alyssa finally posted The Perfect Gift on her channel. Since it’s almost the holidays, it’s a great song to play at the moment!

Jingle Bells with other Youtubers
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To put us in a holiday mood, Alyssa shared a video of her and 7 other Youtubers singing Jingle Bells. It’s amazing, but unfortunately, she’s not there for super long. You can also watch the bloopers video. Alyssa’s on at 2:38-2:43 and 3:30-3:37.

Sultan Cafe’s Winter Acoustic Bash
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Tomorrow night, Thursday December 15, Alyssa will be playing at the Sultan Cafe as a part of their Winter Acoustic Bash. It’s at 5625 Babcock Rd, in San Antonio, and she’ll be playing with Rudy Aliza, NIXX, KD and Mooch, Another Song For A Girl and Papercuts. For those near San Antonio, make sure to attend the show! For more information, visit the Facebook page!

See her Live in Your City with FanFuser
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Alyssa posted this video of her telling you that you can now vote to see her in your city because she’s going on a tour! Basically, you just have to use an application on Facebook that detects your city and you can just click on a vote button that adds your vote for your city. Right now, there seems to have a lot of fans in Brazil. Go vote for your city!

Two new/old songs
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Alyssa has linked these two videos on her Twitter. The first one is a cover of “Haunted” by Taylor Swift with her friend Angie Parker, and the second one is “Cali, Cali, Cali” remixed/collaborated with Far East Movement. They both are amazing!

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