The Script’s cover of the week!
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The Script, who’s known for “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” or their newest “Nothing”, has chosen Alyssa’s cover of their song Breakeven as their cover of the week! That’s a huge honor! Congrats Lyss!

Added 2 new style guides
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I added two new guides that were, again, kindly donated by Justine! One of them is from a personal picture and the other, from a photoshoot picture.

“Alyssa Bernal & Ready Revolution Live @ Jack’s Bar”
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Alyssa will be having a new show on January 27th at Jack’s Bar, San Antonio with Ready Revolution! It will start at around 9PM and finish by midnight, and it’s for all ages! So if you like near San Antonio, don’t miss it! Kick off 2012 right with Alyssa! For more information, check out the Facebook page.

The AntLyssa Show
Posted on January 8, 2012 • Filed in Pictures, Videos

Anthony posted this cute and funny video of him with Alyssa being bored at his house. They look adorable and like they’re having fun (even if they might actually be really bored). Could we expect more videos of the AntLyssa Show?

I have also added a personal picture and a Twitter picture. Enjoy!

Grand opening of the style section!
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I have finally opened the style section! I have been working on this small network for a couple of months, but I still don’t have much on it. Let’s just say I’m not the best with fashion, hair and makeup, but I guess I’m not that bad with those style guides. Anyway, comment and tell us what you think of it!

Hi and welcome to Alyssa Bernal Web’s new style section! We currently have 2 hair guides, 2 makeup guides (that were donated by Justine) and 4 style guides and more are coming soon! You can also donate guides or request some. We have also added the beauty videos that Alyssa posted on her second channel to their right sections. This network is really simple, nothing too fancy, and we won’t expand to an entire new site, but we hope you still enjoy it. You can also donate some pictures of you wearing the same clothes as Alyssa and we’ll put them in the “I’ve dressed like Alyssa” page. Check around and tell us what you think!

New Twitter pictures
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I have added new Twitter pictures from Alyssa. I love her outfit in the last two pictures (with Anthony). It’s also from the same set as this. Check them out!

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More personal pictures
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I’ve uploaded 6 new personal pictures of Alyssa and Anthony. She looks really adorable, whether it’s with or without her boyfriend. Enjoy!

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Home > Miscellaneous > Personal pictures > With other celebrities and friends

Alyssa recording a second album!
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Rejoice, Alyssa is planning on recording her second album in a studio in Miami! Let’s just hope it won’t take as long as it did for “Love Hangover”.

Anonymous asked: what projects do you have next? another album? more youtube vids? anything?
another album indeed!

I’m planning to get in the studio to start working on my second album in Miami.

New personal pictures
Posted on January 4, 2012 • Filed in Pictures

First post of 2012! I added some personal pictures that have been posted on Twitter. They’re pictures of Alyssa with friends and Anthony during the holidays (New Year’s Eve, I believe). She looks adorable, check them out!

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Home > Miscellaneous > Twitter pictures

I also want to them you, all of the visitors, for helping the photo gallery reach over 100 000 views! Thank you!

Happy Holidays
Posted on December 31, 2011 • Filed in Uncategorized

There hasn’t been a lot on Alyssa lately, she just told her fans on her Tumblr that she’s taking a hiatus of the interweb… While I can (while I’m not enjoying time with my family or going to visit friends), I want to wish you all a happy holidays! Christmas is already over, but there’s still New Year’s Eve. I want to wish you the best for next year, whether it’s health, school, work, family, friends, anything. For those who are taking resolutions, good luck and have fun!

For Alyssa, I’d like to wish her an amazing year, with new opportunities and new events in her musical (and maybe acting too?) career. We already have an album from her, but can we expect more? As for the site, I hope I’ll get better layout updates and surprises for you. See you in 2012!

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