February 18th, 2012
New gallery theme!
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I added a brand new gallery theme, called Imagination, that I made with Brian Barbier’s shoot. It’s kind of dull-ish, very gray and gloomy, but I still hope you like it. If you want a theme similar to this, you can go visit my design site, Tinsel Dreams. Tell me what you think!


February 13th, 2012
New photoshoot pictures
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I’ve been loving the new photo updates by Alyssa and photographers with whom she’s worked with. The pictures, taken by Shauna Hundeby, VC Photography and Brian Barbier, are absolutely breathtaking! Not only are they beautiful photographically speaking, but Alyssa also looks gorgeous on them. Plus, one of them (with Anthony) is perfect for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day! Also, I added two icons that I made with those pictures and I can’t wait to start designing some themes for the site with them too!

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February 12th, 2012
New fanlisting layout
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I just updated the fanlisting network with a new layout. It features some rather old pictures of Alyssa modeling for Claudia Martinez’ jewelry business. I hope you like it and if you haven’t joined already, please do!


February 12th, 2012
New pictures update
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I added a few pictures to the photo gallery, including a new photoshoot by VC Photography where Alyssa looks gorgeous and a few personal pictures of her and Anthony while waiting to get some sushis. I also found a personal picture that Anthony posted on his Facebook page with Alyssa on which they look absolutely adorable!

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[EDIT]: I have added a few new icons using the recent new photoshoot pictures.


February 12th, 2012
“Raincloud Grey” & “Love You Like a Love Song”
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Alyssa posted this video of her singing her original song, Raincloud Grey that she wrote with KT Tunstall. She said that she will be posting an “official” version of it on her Youtube channel soon.
Plus, yesterday (February 10th), she posted a cover of Selena Gomez’ Love You Like a Love Song with Shane from Ready Revolution. Check it out!


February 9th, 2012
The Alyssa Bernal Project
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Shauna Hundeby, also known as East Coast posted these pictures on her Facebook page. They were taken at the top of the Tower of the Americas for the Alyssa Bernal Project. She’s really an amazing photographer and Alyssa looks beautiful on the pictures! Also, she uploaded a video of Lyss covering Someone Like You by Adele with some teenagers. Check it out!

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February 8th, 2012
New pictures
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I have added a few new pictures to the gallery, including new photoshoot pics, an unknown show (she’s not wearing the same thing than her January 27th show…) and adorable pictures of Alyssa with Anthony. Also, if you haven’t seen it before, I have added this picture from a new photoshoot.

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February 8th, 2012
Cinnamon Challenge with Anthony
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Alyssa did the Cinnamon Challenge with boyfriend Anthony and documented it in this video. She looks so adorable and won the battle! Check it out!


February 7th, 2012
FanFuser Presents: Alyssa Bernal in Houston
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After the FanFuser voting on Facebook, it has been decided that Alyssa would go to Houston, Texas on March 22nd! If you live in the area, be sure to go to the concert! The tickets are currently $12.00, but you can get a discount if you use the code “RLYBRD”. The first 100 tickets will get $5.00 off! For more and to book tickets, visit this site.

You voted for her with FanFuser, and YouTube superstar Alyssa Bernal is now coming to Houston!

Every now and then, a new artist comes along who seems to effortlessly capture the imagination. Singer/songwriter Alyssa Bernal, a relatable girl with an unforgettable voice, is just that artist for a new generation. Alyssa was your everyday American teenager, busy with classes and cheerleading practice, when her heartfelt, acoustic YouTube clips caught the eye of superstar producer Pharrell Williams. Fast-forward a year later, and her debut album from Star Trak Entertainment is about to bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to the pop landscape.

For Alyssa, music comes about as naturally as breathing. The singer/songwriter was raised in a music-steeped household in San Antonio, Texas. During her childhood, Alyssa’s father was the drummer for groundbreaking Tejano band, and at the age of six she stood backstage and gazed out at stadium-sized crowds as he performed. The experience didn’t exactly ignite her passion for performing, though. “I was so shy!” Remembers Alyssa with a laugh, “my parents would dress me up and make me sing but I hated it.”

Somehow, her love of music overcame her fear of performing. By the time she was a teen in San Antonio, Alyssa uploaded a few homemade videos of herself singing cover songs like Rihanna’s “Take a Bow.” She taught herself to play guitar, and soon one video lead to dozens, and a rapidly-growing fan base around the globe. “People would message me and say that they had a horrible day and my songs changed their day,” Alyssa recalls. “It’s pretty touching. After a while I had to stop reading all of my messages because it got so overwhelming, but I always tried to open the ones from soldiers in the service.”

Since she received so many responses to her videos, Alyssa at first neglected her most famous admirer: Pharrell Williams. The platinum-selling artist and producer even tried contacting Alyssa’s high school to get in touch with her, but “they didn’t know who Pharrell was! They just thought it was some shady guy trying to get a hold of me,” laughs Alyssa. Finally, her mother spotted a MySpace message from Star Trak and 24 hours later, they flew to meet Williams and Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine at the Star Trak headquarters in Los Angeles. She impressed them with “Hey Love,” one of the first songs she ever wrote (now featured on the album), a perfectly Alyssa tune: breezy but strong, intricate and approachable.

“Finding a new talent like Alyssa is so exciting to me,” says Pharrell Williams. “There are a lot of young singers out there who can carry a tune, but Alyssa is the real deal. She is a true musician with an incredible voice.”

Once signed, William’s manager and the head of Star Trak, Yaneley Arty, asked Alyssa who her dream producer might be. Without hesitation, she answered, “The guy who produced the last Jason Mraz album.” At the time, that “guy,” Martin Terefe—an accomplished producer known for his work with James Morrison, Train, Craig David and Cat Stevens—had a fully booked recording schedule, though he agreed to meet with Alyssa. After meeting with her for an hour, however, Terefe gave Alyssa an offer she couldn’t refuse: he’d open up his schedule, if she agreed to stay in London and begin recording immediately.

Next thing she knew, Alyssa and her mother had relocated to London, where she worked closely with Terefe over a period of seven weeks. Terefe developed Alyssa’s naturally sunny sound, enlivening her pop sensibility with notes of funk and soul. Most importantly, he encouraged Alyssa to write from her own experiences.

“The songs reflect what I was going through at that time,” says Alyssa of the resulting album, Love Hangover. “Because it’s my first album, the songs are very naïve and personal. They are about long-distance love, missing home, and the tone is very easy-going.” Alyssa has a natural ability to breathe vivid imagery into everyday matters of the heart. Her first experience of homesickness became “Raincloud Gray,” a collaboration with Grammy Award-winning artist and songwriter KT Tunstall. “One Of Us Gotta Leave,” featuring Pharrell, is a sassy, danceable track dedicated to a young crush. “Stay” is an atmospheric ballad that plays like a love letter to her long-distance boyfriend. “Hold Me Tight,” a duet with Jason Wade of Lifehouse, is a moody, orchestral song.

From the shy girl who watched her father perform from the wings, to the confident young woman about to release an incredibly personal collection of songs to the world, Alyssa has come a long way. When she looks forward to the coming year, she can’t wait to step out on stage. “I’m really growing as a person and an artist,” says Alyssa. “I have a shy personality but when I’m performing, I calm down… I’m excited to tour and to interact with my fans. They’re always asking me, ‘When are you going to come to London or Paris?’ and I can’t wait to do that for them.” Though it’s been an incredible, globe-hopping year that has brought Love Hangover to life, Alyssa Bernal’s journey is just getting started.


February 6th, 2012
Tumblr worthy?
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Alyssa posted this picture on her Tumblr page, that I’m not going to add to the gallery since it doesn’t go into any category (it’s like a Twitter picture, but for Tumblr) and captioned it:

“This is tumblr worthy, I think.”


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