Screencaptures addition
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Over the day, I added more than 4000 screencaptures of Alyssa’s Youtube videos from her main channel. I only did the 3:00 and less videos since my program can only convert up to 3 minutes, but the other ones will be captured later. Enjoy!

[2006] Lyss and Lauren Harmonizing to Sunday Morning

[2007] Singing I’ve Fallen In Love – A ‘capella’

[2007] Singing Tell Me Bout It

[2007] Singing Bubbly

[2007] Lauren and I trying The Way I Am

[2008] Singing National Anthem at Graduation

[2009] The Show! (Lenka Cover)

[2009] My All (Mariah cover)

[2009] Outta Here SNIPPET – (Esmee Denters Cover)

[2009] Hello from London!

[2009] Down – Jay Sean Cover

[2010] Valentine (Kina Grannis) Covered by J.Chung, M.Polinar, and Myself

[2010] Sweet Pea (Amos Lee Cover)

[2010] Billionaire SNIPPET (no rapping, sry!) Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars Cover

[2010] Real with Me (Cady Groves Cover)


[2010] Alyssa Bernal’s My Youtube

[2010] Winter Wonderland Cover! (Jason Mraz Arrangement)

[2010] contest!

Two new videos!
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Alyssa posted two new videos on her channel. In the first one, she talks about a contest in which you cover you favorite song and have the chance to win awesome autographed merch and music gear from her! The second one is a cover of Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” with her new haircut. She looks stunning and the cover is beautiful. Check them out!

Icons addition
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I have made and added 12 icons to the icon archive. They were made from pictures of ISA LA and some Twitter and personal pictures. You can always donate your own by emailing me at

Bloopers and BTS of Cali Music Video!
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Alyssa posted a new video on her second channel, alyssabernalala on December 24th, with footage of bloopers and behind the scenes from the “Cali, Cali, Cali” music video. She looks absolutely beautiful and super cute!

There are so many more blooper videos, but I can’t find them lol. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to make one of these so I hope you enjoy the bloopers!


Interview with Young Hollywood
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I found a new video interview that Alyssa did with Young Hollywood. I can’t put it up here, but click on the image and you’ll be redirected to the site.

From YouTube sensation to Pharrell protege, Alyssa Bernal has the view meter rising off the charts. She talks about how surreal it was being discovered by such a superstar and the distant places it’s taken her. She also performs her hit single, “Cali, Cali, Cali.” Hosted by RJ Williams.

Two new miscellaneous pictures!
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Alyssa put up a stunning MQ personal picture as her Twitter display picture with her new straight hair. She also tweeted, “I (sic) might rain today : )” on December 24th with a picture of her boots. The two photos have been added to the gallery.

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[1x] Home > Miscellaneous > Twitter pictures

Happy holidays!
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Hello! On this December 25th, I wanted to wish all of the visitors here a merry Christmas or Hanukkah! I hope you had a great time with family and friends and felt a lot of joy and love. I also wanna wish Alyssa a happy holidays as a 21-year-old. It’s her first legal year!

We should continue updating the site with news and photos very soon.

Alyssa got a new haircut!
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Alyssa tweeted and posted on Facebook this new gorgeous picture of her and a new haircut. I love what she’s wearing!

Some days ago, she tweeted a picture of a model, wondering if she should get her hair like that. We can’t see if it’s exactly the same, but I do know that Alyssa looks beautiful!

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Grand opening of Alyssa Bernal Web
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Hello and welcome to, also known as Alyssa Bernal Web. We seek to provide you with up-to-date news, along with high quality pictures and media. We hope to become the biggest source for the talented singer-songwriter, but we can’t always achieve what we want. Two other amazing fan sites for Alyssa have been created from people all over the world: Alyssa Bernal Online and Alyssa Bernal Fan so pay them a visit.

We also want to wish Alyssa a happy 21st birthday! Enjoy yourself with family and friends, have fun and we hope you have an amazing year in your career and personal life!

So take a look around and tell us what you think by commenting below. Come back anytime you wish, for the first and best source for Alyssa Brianne Bernal!

Alyssa Bernal on Just Jared Jr!
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Alyssa was featured on Just Jared Jr! They compared her story to Justin Bieber’s and featured “Cali, Cali, Cali”. Check it out here or below.

Cali Cali Cali California…

Check out new artist Alyssa Bernal!

The up-and-coming singer’s story is much like Justin Bieber’s, only with Pharrell Williams as her admirer instead of Usher. Alyssa shared that Pharrell even tried contacting her high school in Texas to get a hold of her, saying, “They didn’t know who Pharrell was! They just thought it was some shady guy trying to get a hold of me!”

Her EP, out on iTunes and Amazon now, also includes a duet with Lifehouse’s Jason Wade. He shared of the duet, “I just loved her voice. We sang both of the choruses out there together in the same mic-room, kind of an old-school way of recording.”

Alyssa’s debut album, In Love Again For the First Time, is due out early 2011.

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