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March 4th, 2012
New Twitter theme!
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I have added a brand new Twitter theme over the site’s Twitter account. I used Shauna Hundeby’s photo to make a vintage-y, but very simple theme with red and sand colors. Check it out here and I hope you like it!


February 21st, 2012
New Icon Center Theme & Icons
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I have made a new Theme for the Icon Center. Also I have add 12 Icons in it.

[12x] Photoshoots

More in the Icon Center!


February 18th, 2012
New gallery theme!
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I added a brand new gallery theme, called Imagination, that I made with Brian Barbier’s shoot. It’s kind of dull-ish, very gray and gloomy, but I still hope you like it. If you want a theme similar to this, you can go visit my design site, Tinsel Dreams. Tell me what you think!


February 12th, 2012
New fanlisting layout
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I just updated the fanlisting network with a new layout. It features some rather old pictures of Alyssa modeling for Claudia Martinez’ jewelry business. I hope you like it and if you haven’t joined already, please do!


January 29th, 2012
Looking for a co-owner
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I have less and less time to update the site because of school and my personal life. It’s my last year of high school and I’m starting college next year, so I really have to focus on my grades. Also, I want to be able to design more on my design site and having this fansite has become a kind of a burden, as much as I adore Alyssa. I’m looking for a dedicated fan who could help me with the site, posting news, adding pictures and such. If I don’t find anyone soon, I don’t know when I’ll have to give it up…

So if you’ve got some time on your hands, love Alyssa and don’t want to see this site be abandoned, help me out and email me at!


January 6th, 2012
Grand opening of the style section!
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I have finally opened the style section! I have been working on this small network for a couple of months, but I still don’t have much on it. Let’s just say I’m not the best with fashion, hair and makeup, but I guess I’m not that bad with those style guides. Anyway, comment and tell us what you think of it!

Hi and welcome to Alyssa Bernal Web’s new style section! We currently have 2 hair guides, 2 makeup guides (that were donated by Justine) and 4 style guides and more are coming soon! You can also donate guides or request some. We have also added the beauty videos that Alyssa posted on her second channel to their right sections. This network is really simple, nothing too fancy, and we won’t expand to an entire new site, but we hope you still enjoy it. You can also donate some pictures of you wearing the same clothes as Alyssa and we’ll put them in the “I’ve dressed like Alyssa” page. Check around and tell us what you think!


December 23rd, 2011
One year anniversary for Alyssa Bernal Web
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I didn’t want to write this in the last post, since it was only about Alyssa’s birthday, but now I also want to tell you that Alyssa Bernal Web has been running for a whole year now! Honestly, I never believed I could stay that long. I’ve been busy and busier, but I always managed to update on Alyssa. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to last another one, since I’ll be going to college next year, but I hope an awesome fan can take over.

This year has been amazing. The site has been quite popular and Alyssa even saw it! I want to thank our host for the chance he gave us, Lyss for continuously inspiring us and the fans and visitors for making this happen and encouraging me to continue! Thank you for everything!


November 11th, 2011
Chosen as celebrity site of Nov. 9th
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I have been so busy this week that I forgot to tell you something about the site. Actually, I’m very happy to announce that Alyssa Bernal Web has been chosen as the celebrity site of the day on November 9th. I’m very proud of this title and I don’t think I’d keep up with this site for so long if it wasn’t for the great feedback and views I get. So thank you, visitors!

Each day a Celebrity Site of the Day is chosen. Not every site can become Celebrity Site of the Day. A site must have something special, for example a good layout, good design, excellent graphics or lots of information to become Celebrity Site of the Day. The selection of
your site as Celebrity Site of the Day shows that you have an excellent site worthy of the award “Celebrity Site of the Day”.


October 1st, 2011
“Featured” on Bernalala Land
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how did my john hancock end up on the interwebz?! tho coowall.

Alyssa posted this picture of our layout on her Tumblr, after she tweeted about our site via The Neptunes. It’s so nice to have fans of the site tell me they like it, like this one fan, Faily, from Greece, who wrote me an email with her video of Soaking up the Sun‘s lyrics. It’s really awesome to see that you guys, and Alyssa, like the site. It truly means a whole lot! (:


September 28th, 2011
New version: Soaking up the Sun
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To celebrate the release of Alyssa’s newest single, I decided to put up a new version to the site, using a picture from her photoshoot with Emily Yanez. The colors are definitely sunnier, and it’s a lot pro-er and simpler. I believe it’s also faster to load and easier to read. Definitely tell me what you think.

Plus, I added a new network, the music center. It’s basically the lyrics center, but improved with some guitar tabs of her first original songs. I also added Soaking up the Sun‘s lyrics, but I know there are a few mistakes. I decided to go with her acoustic version for the network, but tell me if I should change it to her official music video.

I hope you enjoy those new changes that I was very excited to show you. Comment below to leave your opinions!


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