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March 1st, 2012
“Alyssa Bernal : A Day In The Life Intro”
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Alyssa posted this intro video to the Alyssa Bernal Project, which is now known as “Alyssa Bernal: A Day In The Life”. The documentary looks amazing and I can’t wait for it to surface!


February 23rd, 2012
The Symphony of Silence
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Alyssa is currently working on a film project, called The Symphony of Silence. It has been written by Cedric Thomas Smith and is about bullying. She stars as Ashley in the film, which also stars her boyfriend Anthony. Some behind the scenes pictures surfaced on the movie’s Facebook page.

16 year-old writer Zach struggles to survive in the “dog eat dog” world of high school where he is tormented by bullies. There is no chance of maintaining a bully-free home environment as one of the bullies happens to be his 18 year-old brother, Sean.

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December 8th, 2011
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The two pictures that I showed you previously are stills from a short film in which Alyssa starred. It’s a movie that was made for the “San Antonio 48hr Experience”, directed by Rod Guajardo from Four Sandy Feet. Lyss co-stars with boyfriend Anthony, Claudia Martinez, Brant Bumper and more. The film, called Aftermath, is about a group of young people searching for water in a dangerous cave during a period of drought. Alyssa looks beautiful in it and hopefully, she’ll be able to play in other movies as well. With the release of this short, I added the behind the scenes pictures, screencaptures, stills and some icons. Enjoy!

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